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Namaste, Yogis...

Over the past few days our world has experienced a tremendous amount of shift and awareness around the very fluid and changing situation with Covid-19. I have done my very best to stay on top of the information as it develops, following the recommendations regarding sanitization procedures and limiting our class/gathering size . Many of you have voiced a tremendous amount of gratitude for the much needed stress relief that yoga offers during this uncertain time. I appreciate each and every one of you for being such a loyal and integral  part of Blossoming Soul.

After leaving the studio this afternoon to the news of grocery stores closing in Westminster, restaurants being mandated to close dine-in services all over South Carolina,  and confirmed cases of the virus being reported in Anderson, I am faced with one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make as a studio and small business owner - whether to stay open, or close for the greater good. Unfortunately, I have finally come to the clear conclusion that for now, we need to temporarily close our doors. This closure begins immediately (Tuesday, March 17th) and continues through until Sunday, April 5th. I will reassess the situation at that time and communicate any future changes to our schedule.

The truth is, I don’t know and I cannot know what is going to happen from here. But I do feel that I have a personal sense of responsibility, as a health and wellness provider, to keep our community members safe and healthy. The decision is not an easy one, as it could mean the loss of my beloved small business,  but I know that I would feel terrible if anything were to happen to any of you at our studio.  While I would love for the studio to stay open, I know it is my obligation to our community, and the greater community at large to do my part in helping to "flatten the curve."

I have been working extremely hard to create a NEW online platform for our classes that will be in keeping with the aggressive social distancing recommendations that are our only hope of slowing/stopping the spread of this virus. The spread may not have reached Seneca yet, and hopefully it won't if we all do our part to self-isolate or "shelter in place" now.   Please find all the details for how you can subscribe to our new online offerings below.  We are using Facebook as an easy and inexpensive platform, but you don't have to be active on Facebook to partake.  You simply need to sign up on Facebook with a basic account, then look for an email from me (after you subscribe to the online class service) that will give you a link to join our private BLOSSOMING SOUL ONLINE group.  It would be a good idea to "like" our main Blossoming Soul page as well, in order to stay updated.  You can always reach out to me via email or text for help and assistance getting started.

Your support in this new and temporary, emergency endeavor means everything to me as a small business owner.  I will be authentically transparent in this moment and honestly say that this closure and the resulting lack of revenue could possibly mean the end of Blossoming Soul on a more permanent basis.  I do what I do because I love helping people achieve optimal holistic wellness, but small town yoga studio ownership is a struggle on the best of days.  So many small businesses all around the world will suffer immensely due to this unprecedented situation and Blossoming Soul Yoga is no exception.  Therefore, I humbly ask you to patiently stick with me and secure your mat space for the months and years to come once things eventually rebound by supporting your small town studio during this most difficult time for everyone in the best way that you can - whether that be by subscribing to our online classes, making a donation in exchange for our Yoga for Cold & Flu eBook, purchasing gift cards or buying class passes now for future use, booking a private session, etc... Every little bit will go a long way towards ensuring that we have a yoga community to return to once this is all behind us and life is back to normal.  
In the meantime, all in-studio "class passes" are froze, and additional time on the various expiry dates will be added once we get back to class.  Please accept my sincere gratitude for your understanding and continued support of Blossoming Soul!

Om Shanti,


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