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Yoga Roots





“Toes in, heels out. Lift your ribs off the hips. Shoulders down the back. Cat tilt. Dog tilt. Reach higher. Soften your gaze. Just a minute more - never mind your muscles are quivering. Breathe into it!”

Beginning a Yoga practice can feel a little bit like being hurled into the deep end of a pool and told “swim” before you even know how to float- with most of us starting out at a class that’s already established, alongside students of every ability. This series is designed to get to the root of an asana practice and start at the beginning - from the ground up - providing the fundamentals of key poses that you’ll practice for a lifetime.

If you’re new to Yoga, join Renee (Group #1) or Tara (Group #2) and gain the confidence to practice safely in classes of most any description. If you’ve been practicing a while, come fine tune your alignment and take your practice to the next level.

Each class will focus on one type of pose or section from a typical class format. After the poses are build from the ground up, they will then be linked with the breath into a gentle sequence that builds upon all previous classes in the series, as follows:

Week 1: Intro to Yoga, Warm-ups, Dogs and Cats, & Sun Salutations
Week 2: Standing and Balance Poses I - The Warriors
Week 3: Standing and Balance Poses II - Shapes & Angles
Week 4: Back Bends
Week 5: Forward Folds
Week 6: Seated & Reclined Twists, Inversions, & Savasana

This will be the perfect way to end your day and begin a practice that you will enjoy for years to come. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, as space is limited and this series fills up fast. 

COST: $100/series (non-refundable once series begins as your mat has been reserved)


- Group #1 will meet on Tuesdays between January 7th and February 11th from 6:00 - 7:15/30pm
- Group #2 will meet on Tuesdays between February 18th and March 24th from 6:00 - 7:15/30pm


*PLEASE NOTE*:  If you have health challenges or difficulty getting up and down swiftly, our therapeutic "Yoga Medicine" group class or a private chair yoga session will be the better option for you.

What People Say

I thought I was either too old, too weak or too uncoordinated to practice yoga (or maybe all 3) -but at my husband's urging I decided to give it a try. I found a beginners series taught by Tara and I am so glad I did! Tara is an excellent teacher! I have severe back injuries and she has been very conscientious to make sure I am able to modify any poses to maintain my safety and still get maximum benefit. The class has a range of people from 20's up to 60's and we are all able to find the level that works for each of us without limiting anyone else. My original goal to find strength has been met and additionally my confidence is growing. The Yoga Roots for beginners is a fantastic and affordable class for anyone who has been curious about trying yoga!! You won't be disappointed!

_ Deb. A

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