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Zero Waste / Zero Props

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If yoga is about taking care of our bodies and our well-being (our temple as some would say..) what about the external stuff? How does that fit in? How can we make our practice more sustainable for the whole planet?

It’s a tough question. Experienced yogis will be familiar with the yogic practice of "Ahimsa" - defined as respect for all living things and the avoidance of violence. Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to decide how to relate to others, how to treat sentient beings, and how to care for our earth (our bigger temple).

With that said, there is an awareness that comes with yoga practice that we’re all connected and we’re in this together. Our individual thoughts, choices and actions have a reverberating effect on the energy of the whole. And once we know this, we can’t unknow it. Our individual choices matter.

If we vehemently focus on our body as a temple, yet leave a pile of waste in our wake knowing the harm it will cause, what does that say about us? Complacency with our consumer driven culture can no longer be the approach. Unfortunately, there’s just too much at stake.

Assuming the powers that be will fix America’s use of 3 MILLION plastic water bottles AN HOUR, or our average of 4.4 lbs of trash PER DAY, or that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight.. is simply avoiding responsibility. Change comes from us and what we choose to consume or not consume.

The GOOD NEWS is that we do have this power of choice, and our choices make a difference. Going zero waste doesn’t happen overnight, but every little change helps!

Join Tara Lavoie, owner of Blossoming Soul, passionate environmental activist, and aspiring "Zero Waste" minimalist, along with Jess Fager of Asheville Dragonfly, in this 2 hour special event!  The first half of our program will be dedicated to pondering and practicing minimalism through restorative yoga and contemplative practices.  The second half of the program will include a Zero Waste "show & tell" where Tara and Jess will lead us in a discussion about the 5 tenets of the zero waste movement before demonstrating in detail how Tara was able to reduce her waste to just 5 pieces of trash so far in 2019.

Gain the tools and learn the methods to reducing your waste to almost zero, as well!  Together, we can make a difference.....in our hearts, in our homes, for the animals, and for the planet.

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